Insurance for Divers and Travelers

Even with the best of planning, sometimes the unexpected happens. Insurance makes a bad situation a little less of a problem.  We recommend that divers carry both dive accident insurance and travel insurance.

Types of Insurance:

Diver Accident Insurance:  Even with the best dive planning, accidents happen.  Diver Accident insurance will help pay for the cost of medical treatment and getting you back home if you miss your fight.  This coverage is extremely important if your treatment should a visit to the hyperbaric chamber.  **

Trip Insurance:   Trip insurance covers interruptions of trips, cancellations and medical.  It won't cover you if you just change your mind, but if there is a hurricane or illness or death in the family, it is nice peace of mind.  The cost is based on the cost of the trip. Polices can be purchased per trip or some offer annual coverage for multiple trips. **

Equipment Insurance: Dive Computers and underwater cameras are a big investment.  Equipment insurance can cover flooding your equipment as well as losses due to theft.


Dive Assure - Dive Assure offers a variety of Diver Accident Insurance as well as Trip Insurance.

DAN Diver Insurance - Divers Alert Network has been supporting divers for over 30 years.  As well as being the leading source of answers concerning diver safety, they  offer Diver Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance and Equipment insurance.