Diver Resource Center

Here’s a collection of handy dive related resources to help you answer important questions like how do I get a passport and the latest in airport security.  You will also find links for diver accident insurance, equipment insurance and where to find dive resort for planning trips.

PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors- the way the world learns to dive.
DAN Travel Insurance Protect your travel investment from the unexpected with DAN Travel Insurance
DAN Equipment Insurance Your cameras and dive computers are big investments.  Equipment insurance won’t keep you from flooding a camera, but it will take the sting out of it!
DAN Diver Accident Insurance Divers Alert Network membership and Diver Accident Insurance.  New enrollments and renewals
Dive Assure Diver Accident and Travel Insurance
Turquoise Travel  Travel agency specializing in dive travel.
TSA Pre Check Make your trip through security at the airport smoother-  Register for TSA Expedited screening. There is a screening office here in Billings.  With TSA Pre check  you can keep your shoes, light jacket and belt on, as well as keep your laptop and 3-1-1 compliant liquids in a carry on bag.
Global Entry Travel a lot?  Hate long lines?  Apply for Global Entry.
Passport Information US State Department- Passport Information and requirement
Transportation Security Administration Airline Security information- the rules change,  check here for the latest regulations for luggage, etc.