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Blake Walrich

Blake Walrich

My wife and I discovered our passion for scuba diving during a tropical vacation, starting with a Discover Scuba session. This led us to Adventure Scuba in Billings, where we obtained our Open Water certification. We maximized our vacation by completing pool classes locally and open water dives in Hawaii. The allure of underwater exploration grew, prompting us to pursue advanced certifications together, culminating in becoming rescue divers.

Fueling my love for teaching and coaching, I became a Dive Master, aiding others in embracing the joy of scuba diving. This sport has transformed our travel experiences, introducing us to incredible people worldwide, from remote locations to popular destinations like Cozumel.

Our global dives include unforgettable experiences in Cozumel for convenience, the Galapagos for pelagic life, and Indonesia for vibrant coral reefs. Regarding equipment, we initially rented before gradually investing in our gear. I emphasize the importance of patience and hands-on experience when buying equipment, having learned from my own hasty decisions.

My current diving setup includes a reliable Tusa Freedom Elite mask, versatile Oceanic Manta Ray Fins, a Scuba Pro G2 dive computer (considering a Shearwater Perdix upgrade), an Apeks XL4 regulator, and a Hollis Backplate and Wing BCD for simplicity and durability. Wetsuits from Bare and Henderson have served me well, with a potential fourth element 3mm addition in the future.